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14 Annoying Behaviour Flight Attendants Dislike About You

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Annoying behaviour flight attendants dislike about you, aren’t truly about you. They are about ensuring safety precautions are met, most especially, during take off and landing.

Do you think it’s fair enough or pointless? The worry, poker face, or emotion because you still don’t know what you are doing wrong. These folks are paid to maintain safety standards at all times. They won’t seat and watch you take away their means of livelihood as much as they want to go out of their way to make you feel at home.

Most of the unusual stuff that happens during flight involves passengers either doing the right thing at the wrong time or doing the wrong thing and not knowing it. This is not to say that the flip side of in-flight problems don’t leave holidaymakers traumatised but we’ve chose to focus on the annoying behaviour flight attendants dislike about us. Quotes here are response from professional flight attendants.

You just won’t switch off your phone

annoying behaviour flight attendants dislike

So please turn off your cell phones.

Flight attendants trouble people who don’t turn off their mobile phones during takeoff and landing, when the aircraft is more vulnerable. If we all decide to keep our devices on, we’ll end up competing for signal with the pilot’s headset as they try to take instruction from the control station.

Slowing down service delivery

Timing is critical during flight and calling for a coffee shot from a stewardess a couple of rows past you is quite puzzling (don’t be offended by her look now). Handing out thrash to the cart while she’s handing out chops is embarrassing.


annoying behaviour flight attendants dislike

You paid for a flight but not a five-star treatment. Anyways.

Don’t believe you are entitled to all you can drink and gnaw away at because you’ve paid for flight. Passengers ask for too much Baileys Irish cream a couple of hundred times… a flight attendant once said jokingly.

Not paying attention to safety presentation

annoying behaviour flight attendants dislike

Pay close attention to the PA or you might miss a flight.

You’re excited about departing. Yay! If only out of courtesy, stop, look, and listen to safety presentation. Just make someone’s day.

Keeping headphones on

annoying behaviour flight attendants dislike

Can you hear the PA?

Don’t keep your earplugs on when we come by to attend to you.

That’s how you get misjudged in-flight announcement.

Going to the lavatory once plane starts descending

Only if you know how long that decision can stop the aircraft from landing and waste yours and other peoples’ time.

Reclining during takeoff and landing

The seat pitch in economy doesn’t really allow it. It’s most especially considered unsafe for emergency landing, when you’ll get instructions to “brace for impact.” When your seat rest is reclined during takeoff or landing, the metal could snap as the air frame adjusts its dynamics through the air.

Brace Position Explained: Bend the upper torso down on your thighs, rest the head against the seat in front of you, put the hands on your head and tuck the elbows in to your sides, keep feet and knees together.
The emergency sitting position helps to make plane crash more survivable.

Not letting the overhead bin be

annoying behaviour flight attendants dislike

Wait till the plane lands before going for your bags.

Don’t hog the overhead bin. Wait for aircraft to stop before going for your bags.

Taking snapshots on a plane

Some airlines have secret policies about this which they do not publish online. Media professionals have been reprehended for taking photos and recording videos on a plane before. In 2013, travel journalist Matthew Klint was forced off a United flight from Newark to Istanbul because he took a snapshot of the seat back entertainment console.

Not telling how you want your coffee

annoying behaviour flight attendants dislike

How do you want your coffee.

Flight attendants want you to specify how you want your coffee served; whether you want cream and or sugar.

Not reading the menu

annoying behaviour flight attendants dislike

First Class flight with seat in recline.

One question that can so gets air steward and stewardess sick is “what do you have?” Very often they announce over the PA where to find the menu.

Making physical contact with flight attendants

Many’s the time people prod me from behind and it feels so uncomfortable.

Ringing the call button for no reason

annoying behaviour flight attendants dislike

A female pilot flying a Kenya Airways flight. Image Credit: Kenya Airways.

Please, don’t even try it at all once the voice over the PA has requested that flight attendants have their seats immediately after takeoff (except if it’s so important).

Don’t walk barefoot

annoying behaviour flight attendants dislike

Walking about in your socks on airplane isn’t cool ‘D’.

Stop walking into the lavatory without shoes or with socks. Would you want to get the pee from the floor on your socks, like disgusting., Africa’s fastest growing online travel solutions provider is a one-stop powerhouse for all travel-related services. Book cheap flights to any destination via

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