Independence Weekend of Treats and Thrills in Badagry

There couldn’t have been better family and friend get-together than this ‘Independence Weekend of Treats and Thrills in Badagry.’ An eventful excursion into the rich history of ‘people of colour’ passed – accompanied – under the pristine skies and charming retreats of Badagry town.

Nigeria’s Independence Day, 2016, falls on a weekend. The following Monday is expected to be work-free day; meaning you’ll have a three-day break from the nerve-racking routine of life. Why won’t you want to enjoy the renewing benefits of a well arranged trip to Badagry?

    Mark it down

  • The special anniversary weekend trip will run from Friday, 30 September till Sunday, 2 October
  • Pick-up

  • Ikeja City Mall by 11:00am on the 30th of September, 2016
  • Drop-off

  • From Badagry by 5:00pm on the 2nd October, 2016 to Ikeja City Mall
  • Book Via Phone:

  • 0905 388 8889; 0908 712 4002; 0700 1122 3344
  • Email:



  • A beach side hotel
  • Present

  • Travelfix® branded souvenirs
  • Ticket Fees and Payment

  • Single ( 1 Adult) ₦60,000
  • Couple(2 Adults) ₦100,000
  • Family (2 adults and 2 children) ₦150,000
  • GTBank: Ltd (0168371179)
  • Zenith Bank: Ltd (1014077585)

Call immediately after making payment to any of our bank accounts


Not just the breeding ground of civilisation, hardly has anyone visited without having a thing or two to take back home. Its well documented landmarks and monuments are not to be missed, if you have a soft spot for human enlightenment. Guess what? We’ll make each night have a unique feel of the high-spirited Badagry nightlife. Just when you think you’ve had enough, we will provide a whole heap more of leisurely activities to spice up the fun.

What’s in this ‘Independence Weekend of Treats & Thrills?’

  • Enlightenment for all
    1. See the slave relics at Badagry Heritage Museum.
    2. Stop at some of the coveted tourist attractions of the town, like the ‘Agiya Tree Monument’ where Christianity was first preached, the ‘Point of No Return,’ the first storey building and primary school in Nigeria, Vlekete Slave Market and more.
  • ‘Fun-tainment’ for the weary
    1. Board games (Scrabble, Ludo, Chess, etc);
    2. Ball games (table-tennis, volleyball, football;
    3. Card games (WHOT and more).
  • Fela Friday: Friday night spent at a bar by the lagoon isn’t a bad way to chill after a long trip from Lagos metropolis. We’ll get you in the mood with some afro-jazz music in time for Felabration 2016 , which comes up in just over a week from the time.
  • Suit yourself: If you have other preferences from ours, there’s enough space to make you have it your way. Dip into the Atlantic ocean, just troll the beachfront or curl up with a good book on a wooden beach bed and you’re game!
  • Need we say you’ll be promoting ‘Inbound Tourism’ on Nigeria’s Independence weekend? Of course, you’ll be giving back to domestic tourism in form of payment made to fellow Nigerians, like the tour guides, the craftsmen, who make the souvenirs, or transport companies.
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