Marriott International Reinforces Protea Hotels Brand

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South African hotel chain, Protea Hotels, are set to bolster her cooperate image by including ‘by Marriott’ to its name.


The re-branding culminates the birth of ‘Protea Hotels by Marriott’ trademark and also includes an updated and revised logo.


Marriott sees this endorsement as “a turning point for the South African-based brand,” which she acquired in 2014.


Protea Hotels by Marriott® already boasts of over 100 chains throughout South Africa and seven other African countries, including Nigeria and Ghana, just to name a few. Marriott’s endorsement is seen as a means for enhancing Protea Hotel brand’s strength and reach, marking the launch of the former’s long-term ambition of evolving the latter into acclaimed global players.


It is also intended at strengthening the reputation of the Marriott’s global brand family in sub-Saharan Africa.

Marriott International reinforces Protea Hotels brand image with endorsement. Image Credit: Marriott’s Global Brand Family.

“Travel to and within Sub Saharan Africa continues to grow at an impressive rate, and Protea Hotels by Marriott® is well positioned to capitalize on and drive this trend,” said Alex Kyriakidis, President and Managing Director Middle East and Africa, Marriott International.

“Consumer research conducted in South Africa in 2015 confirms that the endorsement of Protea Hotels by a large, international brand company such as Marriott would elevate brand perception and preference, further supporting the strategic move to endorse the brand.”, Africa’s fastest growing online travel solutions provider is a one-stop powerhouse for all travel-related services. Book cheap flights to any destination via

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