Why Nigerians Love Christmas in Dubai (and You Should Too)

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Why do Nigerians love Christmas in Dubai? The question is inimical to thought considering the Nigerian economy, yet worth your second thought like, “Why should I love Christmas in Dubai?”

You’ve made the most of the year and consider yourself deserving of a break. It’s either you visit your native home or you’re off to ‘home away from home’ – now that’s Dubai. Nigerians love the sights, love to shop till they drop, sample multicultural cuisine and relax.

Imagine listening to Christmas songs in the reliable winter sun and moments later, you’re hunting down a Christmas tree. You’ll be preoccupied with festive activities when you holiday in Dubai.


    Travel penetrates your consciousness, but not in a rational way… Milton Glaser.



  • Nigeria was among the top 20 source markets for Dubai Tourism last year
  • Over 201,000 overnight visitors arrived in the city
  • Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has intensified its campaign towards staying relevant among Nigerians
  • Nigeria represents about 56 per cent of total visitation from Africa
  • 60% of Arabian Falcon Holidays’ customers are Nigerian

For the love of high-spirited celebration

Nigerians Love Christmas in Dubai

Burj Khalifa fireworks is not to be missed.

While Dubai isn’t your conservative Islamic city where there’s virtually nothing to reckon with Christmas, it’s certainly not a place to expect taxis and shop owners to abandon the streets on the eve of December 24 until Boxing Day. Here you don’t have to wait until Christmas Day to swing into the festive mood through to the New Year. Take the kids to Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) at the Wafi Mall or have the whole family check out the best festive fairs and craft markets with complimentary offers for the season. Dubai is a hive of activities which should get you spoilt for choice. Most Nigerians are sold on the idea of a desert safari and dhow cruise. You can attend Christmas tree lighting, carols, and festive treats at the Palms Jumeirah . Your tour agent can help you find best rates.

Activities & attractions: Another Reason Nigerians love Christmas in Dubai

Nigerians Love Christmas in Dubai

The roller coaster ride about the Dubai desert is a favourite for many Nigerians. Image Credit: Luke Robinson.

Nigerians are everyday adrenaline junkies (talking about a country where crises and ‘African time’ make up the lexicon of the average man). Christmas in Dubai gets you to try some sensational supplements for an adrenaline rush. Climb to the Burj Khalifa and watch other tall buildings appear like bricks below, get inside a 4WD (or mount a camel’s back) and bash the golden hues of Dubai desert dune, swim with sharks in Dubai Aquarium or take a skydive. Whatever you do; don’t forget the kids. Take them to Aquaventure or Wild Wadi water parks, Ski Dubai at the Mall Of The Emirates is worth the thrill and timeout in Sega Republic helps for family bonding. Adrenaline activities in Dubai are endless, take your time to discover your perfect fit.

Nigerians love good food

Nigerians Love Christmas in Dubai

Christmas in Dubai. Lights, decor and luxury.

Dubai is known for its multi-cultural culinary. You will find many restaurants where Nigerian, British, Chinese, Persian, Indian, Filipino, Arab, Pakistani and American delicacies are sold. Your egusi, efo riro, okra, stew and goat meat pepper soup can be purchased in one of the African chains of restaurants in DIFC.

For business and pleasure

Nigerians Love Christmas in Dubai

Dubai skyline adorned by the elegant Burj Dubai and rare cloud. Image Credit: Stefano.

Our executives and entrepreneurs desire mixing business with festivities pleasure while in Dubai and they can count on its benefit. Nigerian businessmen understand ‘people you know count more than what you know’ as far as deals and partnerships are concerned. Since people from all walks of life from different parts of the world return for a sub-20-degree temperature during Christmas, Dubai’s a destination to get your money’s worth at the end of the year. The 2017 edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival has been thrown into this year’s bargain. Beginning on Boxing Day through 28 January 2017 you can get good stuff for a modest price. The Dubai Winter Festival is just three weeks away. You’ll find 24-hour restaurants, cafes and lounges almost everywhere, Christmas tree lighting events, Christmas Markets and more.

Nigerians love Dubai layover better on a Christmas day

Nigerians Love Christmas in Dubai

The Dubai International Airport Welcomes Hundreds of Connecting Flights on a Daily Basis. Image Credit: Frans Zwart.


Nigerians on long-hauls often catch a connecting flight in Dubai Airport. Now you may ask, ‘why would anyone book ticket for Christmas eve or the day after?’ Even Christians – who don’t celebrate – like it. You get very easy movement and no crowd. Christmas is just another day in Dubai but with a soft spot for the Londonesque funfair and pantomime. Lounges, food and drinks, shopping and amenities are at their best. Whether it’s a light stroll for Piza at the Fast Food Court between Gate 13 and 15, seeking a voucher or escorting the kids to Christmas decorations at the shops in the Sheik Rashid Terminal, there are different kinds of joyous activities to keep everyone happy while you kill time in transit.

Nigerians cherish the luxury

Nigerians Love Christmas in Dubai

Sunset panorama at Westin Dubai Hotel. Image Credit: Fr4nkz4pp4.

“A lot of the luxury hotels that used to have Nigerian clientele are asking, ‘when are the Nigerians coming back?’ Nigerians are big spenders, so you lose one, you lose a hefty chunk… Stella Obinwa, Regional Director Africa at Dubai Tourism.


It’s in the public domain that the Nigerian economy is going through a recession. Only a few would yet afford to patronise Dubai’s elaborate hotels with marble bathrooms and cutting edge architecture. The tour of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah (the world’s only 7-star hotel) bedroom will, notwithstanding, make for a dream Christmas Holiday travel for many Nigerians. Some would rather keep a selfie with the luxurious property in the background or visit Jumeirah beach for a rare sight of its wealthy inhabitants driving by in posh rides. From Georgio Armani to Bvlgari, all the luxury brands have shops in Dubai – the latter’s hotel rooms even occupy a couple of the floors in the elegant Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building).

Passionate about Christmas shopping

Nigerians Love Christmas in Dubai

Dubai is the world’s centre of shopping. The Emirate Dubai Mall is the gradeur of shoppers havens in Dubai. Image Credit: Jason MrChina.

Nigerians are known heavy shoppers in Dubai where the quite arduous activity tend to become a pastime. Whether at the high-end shopping centres or the Arabian-style souks you’ll find them, especially in Deira where they can haggle for the best price in gold, perfume, and spices souks. Christmas markets across the Emirate are so spellbinding: loads of deals and shopping discounts, beautiful decorations, dazzling fireworks shows, attractions and Santa Claus., Africa’s fastest growing online travel solutions provider is a one-stop powerhouse for all travel-related services. Book cheap flights to any destination via

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