Rio Olympics Tourism Facts for Sports Travelers

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Today, connections between tourist spend and numbers with major sporting events are obvious signs. We would highlight them by taking a closer look at the ongoing Rio Olympics tourism facts.

London, UK didn’t get the same rapid influx of visitors now regarded as hallmark of major sporting events’ aftermath last time around. The English city however accounted for a rise in domestic tourism with a reasonable number of foreign travelers gracing the event.

We are back in Rio de Janeiro just over two years since the Brazilian city hosted a highly successful World Cup. Are tourists ‌queuing for late flights to the South American city or opting to forfeit their tickets? Are negative publicity around issues bearing down on potential tourism?

We present the Rio Olympics tourism facts that’s been hanging around.


Refugees are here to inspire

Rio Olympics Tourism Facts: We Have a Refugee Team.

The world’s refugee community could soon be up for an Olympic medal. Image Credit: Andy Miah.

Ten athletes put together by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are lending support to sportsmen and women affected by international crises. The first ever Refugee Olympic Team are taking part in Athletics, Judo and Swimming across 12 events. Of course, they are competing under the Olympic flag.

AirBnb® Features in Rio Olympics tourism facts

Rio Olympics Tourism Fact: Airbnb® Providing Alternative Accommodation

Welcoming bed of white linens, red velvet kidney pillow.

Home-sharing business is part of the spectacle this time. About 66,000 Airbnb guests are expected to occupy rooms during the year’s Olympic. Sports tourists in Rio are shunning hotel accommodations for its substitutes in patchy neighbourhoods. Regular Brazilians who, necessarily wouldn’t have benefited from the 17-day championships have found reasons to be excited. These are complimentary remarks to the partnership between home-sharing company, Airbnb®, and the IOC for “alternative accommodation”.

The marketplace has been a big deal for tourists since its inception, like those in the Boston area, who could experience what it feels to be an Olympian by renting the home of Olympic gold medalist, Nastia Liukin. The American is away at the Games but listed her home for rent up until August 12. The $5,000-asking price for the one-bedroom luxury apartment, she says will be donated to charity

More tourists are flying in

Rio Olympics Tourism Facts: Same old Copacabana.

Life on Copacabana Beach has not changed a bit, even with the Olympic touch in town. Image Credit: Andy Miah.

Not less than 380,000 tourists are expected to land in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics. Brazil is not short of attractions. Rio boasts of places like Copacabana beach, Christ the Redeemer and the Sugar Loaf Mountain.


The excitments does not obscure the people’s struggle

Rio Olympics Tourism Facts: The Poor Eye.

A protester with a message on a dish that could be translated into “Olympic Games in the Eyes of the Poor”. Image Credit: Tomaz Silva/ Agência Brasil.

The country is struggling with infrastructure decay, crashing economy and political power tussle. President Dilma Rousseff is to stand impeachment trial after the Brazilian senate, on Wednesday, voted to indict her on charges of breaking budget laws.

Robbery, pick-pocketing, traffic congestion are norms for an average carioca, as well as usury and prostitution.

Pregnant women are advised

Rio Olympics Tourism Fact: Volleyball Event at Copacabana Beach.

A child could be born with Microcephaly if their mother failed to take precaution against the Aedes aegyptii mosquito. Image Credit: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil.

The news media were agog with news of Zika virus in the later part of 2015. That may have subsided a bit, but the risk of microcephaly – a disease causing abnormally small heads in babies of infected pregnant women – have not.

Nonetheless, pregnant women are advised not to risk the health of their unborn babies. They can follow the Olympics on the second screen – interacting with the events via tablets and smartphones by streaming or engaging via social media, blogs and other new media. Moreover, travelers heading to the amazons are expected to carry a good dose of mosquito repellent and also avoid sex.


Apps gaining Game popularity

Rio Olympics Tourism Facts: Mobile App Takeover.

From booking taxi, renting a home or hotel room, to buying meals; you could get them at a tap of your fingertips. Image Credit: Agencia Brasil Fotographia.

Rio 2016 is ‘appsolutely’ right on time, when mobile applications have taken over and rudimentary approaches are way too boring. Apps related to hospitality, transport, eating out and entertainment are expected to gain popularity during the games.

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