10 Ways to Stay Motivated During Flight Delay

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To stay motivated during flight delay is to accept a turn of fate, hoping to arrive soon. Among many reasons airliners have had to take off late, the weather is the most unpredictable, and always finds a way to express itself more often than other natural causes.

There might just be little you could do about flight delays but to ask for compensation for lengthy delay if it’s airliners’ fault.

Nowadays, flights are being delayed for several reasons you’d never thought of. Like the flight crew asking to have a meal break, a pilot refusing to fly an airplane because he was too tired, strikes, animals on the runway, the familiar incoming flight arriving late and the rest. It’s reality. Make use of some constructive attitude and manners that would help you keep your cool and arrive not later than necessary.

Get comfortable

A Lady Looking to Get a Seat in the Departure Area During Flight Delay. Image Credit:

A Lady Looking to Get a Seat in the Departure Area During Flight Delay. Image Credit: Kyle Brown

This is not the time to get stressed and pessimistic. You can catch up on some cool stuffs which you may not have had time for during the day. Read good books, magazine, listen to good music, or follow up on the news. Try to maintain a relaxed mood and explore the departure lounge.

Notify contacts at the other end

To Stay Motivated During Flight Delay.

Keep yourself motivated since you aren’t the one delaying the flight. Image Credit: Naejjean


You don’t want to keep your people waiting around. Family members, business partners, friends or taxi driver, keep them in the loop as soon as words get to you. They will reschedule their plans round your new arrival time and won’t necessarily have to distract you with calls.

If you have an urgent meeting, notify others involved about possible changes. You may want to participate in such meeting via phone or Skype.

Have your ears to the ground

To Stay Motivated During Flight Delay: Lounge

Bimpe (Pharmacist), Valerio (ENT Nurse), Vivian (TV and Media), Abimbola (Nurse/Midwife), ‘lounging’ in the departure lounge of MM2 in Lagos, awaiting connecting flight to Port Harcourt! Image Credit: David.

Pay careful attention to announcement on the public address (PA) system. Eavesdrop on conversations related to the awaited flight but be objective with opinions.

Have a Plan ‘B’

To Stay Motivated During Flight Delay.

I made my way all around Houston airport on one of my overnight searching for a Boeing 787s (Dreamliner). Saw three of them. One departed for home – Lagos, Nigeria. Image Credit: LoadedAaron.

Plan for eventualities. It helps in cases of crucial travel which can’t be rescheduled. You might be requiring a meal voucher or needing to book yourself on the next flight in the event of cancellation. Approach those reassuring customer service agents at the ticket counter as often as possible, and try to get a good assessment of situation beforehand.

Check if you’ll be missing a connecting flight

To Stay Motivated During Flight Delay.

Geneva Airport ticket counter (and currency exchange in one place). Image Credit: KotomiCreations.

Flight delay on the first leg of your journey might mean that you’ll miss a connection. Talk to an airline representative about getting a new connection or an accommodation.

Walk the Airport

To Stay Motivated During Flight Delay, Walk Around

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport Departure Area. Image Credit: Gary Wong.

Long periods of inactivity spent sitting down is bad for your well-being. Assess projected time of delay and take a walk but, please, don’t walk too far from the gates. Most airports have amenities that will keep you entertained, like the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, Nigeria have walking path where you could get the blood flowing instead of sitting for hours.

Open up a Convo

To Stay Motivated During Flight Cancellation.

When next you visit the New Chitose Airport in Japan, remember to say hi to Doraemon Wall Impression. Image Credit: かがみ~.

Get out of your shell and strike up a conversation with a stranger instead of throwing up some boring headphones while watching the virtual world unfold on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and what in this world have you for social knack?

You never know what interesting people you’d meet by striking up a good conversation and you could start to build a relationship from there. If you’re single, find another lone traveler and buy him/her a drink but try not to sound unpleasant. A good way to connect with a new partner’s emotion is to start a conversation about the delayed flight – think that helps both of you.

Call a Friend, Loved Ones or Colleague

To Stay Motivated During Flight Delay.

A Lounge at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. Image Credit: Mighty Travels.

These people say you hardly call, so you know what to do when you’re bored. Ring up your schoolmate you’d not talked to in a while and chatter about school days. Call your grandma and tell her you love her. Let her know you are traveling the world and will buy goodies for her when you return.

Find Good Food and Drinks

To Stay Motivated During Flight Delay.

A restaurant in Cairo Aswan Airport. Image Credit: Gerik Zayatz.

Delay times often coincide with meal time, as more unaccounted delay might even creep by. Finding healthy eating options could be challenging. Work from terminal to terminal, looking out for restaurants, fast-food spots and bars where you could eat your fill.

Find a Fitness Centre, Yoga Room or Spa

To Stay Motivated at the Airport: Keep Your Contacts Posted.

Departure Area -Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, Nigeria. Image Credit: Jollof Malt.

Find a fitness or yoga centre and sweat out some calories. A massage will help you relieve some stress. You’d be surprised your favourite airports have these facilities, like New York’s JFK – there’s one located in the JetBlue’s Terminal. Dubai International Airport (DXB) and London (LHR) also have beautiful spas with variety of treatments., Africa’s fastest growing online travel solutions provider is a one-stop powerhouse for all travel-related services. Book cheap flights to any destination via

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