Interesting Travel Opportunities Teachers are Yet to Explore

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You think travel is the best teacher. How often have you considered teachers to be best travelers or, aren’t they? The surplus of travel opportunities teachers are yet to explore leaves us at a loss for words. Fellowships, workshops, volunteering, seminars and service travel; extensive enough to fill our classrooms with erudite companions instead of “accidental teachers”

There is an opportunity for every teacher somewhere, but you must explore your options. Are you a fresh trainee or an experienced teacher? Has your application to participate in a workshop been turned down in the past? You may be interested in a week’s or month’s long trip, or want to have your whole family travel with you. Have you your travel documents (passport, invitation letter, a minimum bank balance and the rest)?

If you have ever considered going on an international learning vacation, we have a non-comprehensive list of trusted organisations and volunteer services that could fit your profile.

Peace Corps Response

travel opportunities teachers are yet to explore

Picture taken by David Berger a Peace Corps traveler in Zambia.

You must be a highly experienced teacher to join peace corps response team. Volunteers mustn’t necessarily have served with Peace Corps in the past. Instead of the traditional 2-year tie to Peace Corps, applicants can opt for a short-term, far-reaching service assignments in neighbouring African communities and many others parts of the world. The Peace Corps foot your travel bill, including a modest accommodation allowance. Application could be demanding but like I mentioned earlier, just try.

Speak English Fluently? You can teach abroad

travel opportunities teachers are yet to explore

A South African music teacher reacts to the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Band playing jazz at the state theater in Pretoria, South Africa Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force/ Tech. Sgt. Ryan Crane

You mustn’t be a professional teacher to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). You only need to take TEFL Certification Courses (also known as TESOL). Travelers, often, weight their chances of earning on the road. Do you have a good grasp of English language and love traveling? Enroll for a paid TEFL Certification course (available both online and onsite). They have an intense four-week training awaiting you. Benefits includes: job assistance upon completion of training, get job offers in China, South Korea, Thailand, France or Mexico, sightseeing and adventure and trans-cultural experience. You could as well test your proficiency in handling English as a second language with IELTS General Training Module. It is recognised by many employers in foreign countries where English is the lanuage of communication.

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

travel opportunities teachers are yet to explore

The rich cultural life of the Priceton’s Latino Community celebrated with support from NEH in September. Image Credit: Piceton’s University Library

An independent federal agency in the United States acclaimed as the largest supporter of humanities programs. They have dozens of workshop and seminar openings during the summer months. Their lectures covers or 1-6 weeks or more, offered in the USA and abroad. It must also be said that NEH grants are taxed “earnings”.

Global Vision International (GVI)

travel opportunities teachers are yet to explore

Johnson Ugede could employ his volunteer expertise with some organisation in faraway Africa if well experienced. Image Credit: Benoit Matsha-Carpentier / IFRC

Global Vision International stresses that volunteers must be offered some form of security. They foster training and volunteer placements with a unique purpose. Their closely monitored pet projects are quite impactful with an all-round support; before, during and after your service period. They also boast of a strong alumni network that encourages further access to higher education and career development opportunities. Their projects mix community service with global and cultural outreach. They could run between weeks or up to a year.

Fulbright Programs

travel opportunities teachers are yet to explore

Fulbrighters from the UK, Germany, and Spain volunteered at TEDxFulbrightDublin (2014). Image Credit: Fulbright Ireland

The Institute of International Education (IIE), through its teaching exchange programs has helped educators to trade places across countries. Program length and location varies depending on the nature of your application. The IIE is one of the largest and sophisticated international education and training organisations in the world.


travel opportunities teachers are yet to explore

Volunteers at work. Image Credit: Twin Work

Do you have soft spot for volunteering opportunities that will take you to unique, exotic and off the beaten path, try Fronteering . They offer impactful programmes for travelers looking to explore not-so-touristic destinations and participate in environmental conservation, wildife research, community outreach and more. Fronteering volunteer and internship projects can be discovered in 14 different countries, including Ghana and South Africa. You could be grossing roughly US$695 in one week onsite or apply for an extended stay of up to 24 weeks.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)

travel opportunities teachers are yet to explore

A UNAMID peacekeeper from Rwanda converses with students of the secondary school for boys and girls in Um Maraheik, North Darfur. Image Credit: Albert González Farran, UNAMID

Presently operating in over 30 different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, IVHQ offers paid volunteering trips . Participants get to try their hands on teaching, construction and renovation, healthcare or childcare projects. Starting from US$180, applicants could be part of a week-long programme or extend participation for up to 24 weeks.

So, have you secured an invite for yourself? Are you looking for who to advise you on what to do? We would be ready to share some thoughts with you on preparation and other arrangements. Drop your concerns in comment., Africa’s fastest growing online travel solutions provider is a one-stop powerhouse for all travel-related services. Book cheap flights to any destination via

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