The Travel Week We Had: US Airports Shutdown for Matthew

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The travel week we had away from home in the wake of the much-talked-about Lekki Luxury Boat Cruise Dinner.

Let alone, we would have loved to celebrate all the erudite teachers of the world week-long but Matthew came. Not your everyday Matthew. It’s the deadly storm that led to cancelation of about 3000 flights heading into Florida area over the weekend.

Matthew is no longer a Hurricane . We understand it is headed out to the sea. But the Caribbeans and Carolinas are still counting its devastation as Miami International Airport (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) count its cost.

the travel week we had

UK aid for hurricane-hit Haiti is loaded onto a flight at London Gatwick. The cargo includes lifesaving water filters. Image Credit: Russell Waktins / DFID

Nearly half of all scheduled outbound flights from MIA was cancelled, while 59 percent of all inbound flights were also halted. Limited flights resumed at both MIA and Fort Lauderdale on Friday, but passengers are advised to check status with airlines. Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) were not left out of the loss.

Autorities say at least 17 people died in four US states – seven in North Carolina, four in Florida, three in Georgia and three in South Carolina. Haiti accounted mostly for the hundreds of people who died in the Caribbean.

The travel week we had was not all gloomy

Thursday marked the first World Teacher’s Day celebration within the new United Nations Global Education 2030 Agenda adopted a year ago. In line with the theme of the day’s celebration – Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status – Travelfix highlighted ‘Interesting Travel Opportunities Teachers are Yet to Explore’ with the aim of encouraging our teachers to embark on a mind-broadening, career enhancement trip, at least, once in a lifetime.

Travel Week We Had Aside Matthew

Aircraft debris discovered on the East African island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean was confirmed to have belonged to Malaysia Airlines flight 370. The airlines went off the radar in March 2014.

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